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Bergman LLC provides counseling in matters of intellectual property law.
Our practice spans patent and trademark prosecution, the registration of
copyrights, intellectual property licensing and related transactions. We protect
trade secrets, we guide strategic IP development, and we prepare legal opinions
for due-diligence and litigation purposes.

Every day, Bergman LLC demonstrates that a small and
vigorous law firm can deliver exceptional value, providing top-quality services at
reasonable cost. Our efficiency is built on a combination of best legal skills,
dedication to constant improvement, and superior technical acumen. Our experience
originates beyond the walls of the law firm and anchors our counseling in our client's
world, where success is earned by relating risk and reward.
The contents of this web site are offered for informational purposes only. THIS WEB SITE DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE, AND VIEWING ITS CONTENT DOES NOT FORM AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. Bergman LLC can provide legal counsel only where representation is not precluded by a conflict of interest. Therefore, we invite your inquiry, but cannot provide legal advice without further information. Kindly note that the material presented herewith may be construed as advertisement.
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